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Atlatec GmbH and Applus+ IDIADA join forces on development and testing of autonomous vehicles on public roads

Automotive navigation system

Atlatec GmbH and Applus+ IDIADA join forces on development and testing of autonomous vehicles on public roads

Atlatec GmbH and Applus+ IDIADA announced today that they have signed a Collaboration Agreement for the creation of digital maps (HD maps) to be used in test drives of autonomous vehicles on public roads worldwide.

To cover the imminent need for HD maps in test drives on public roads, Atlatec GmbH and Applus+ IDIADA agreed to team up for the next 2 years. This alliance is expected to be of mutual benefit in strengthening the services provided by both companies and expanding their activities in the field of connected and automated vehicles. As a first step in their collaboration, both companies agreed to collect raw sensor data of various routes in the Catalonia region, and to create a sample HD map for one of those routes (similar to the example shown in image 1). 

Joan Carbó, Director, Chassis & Active Safety commented that: “The HD map creation capabilities of Atlatec GmbH, complement Applus+ IDIADA’s engineering and testing services for the development of highly automated vehicles for our international clients.”

A strategic analysis performed by Applus+ IDIADA (within the framework of Catalonia Living Lab), resulted in a series of objectives for testing of highly connected and automated vehicles on public roads. These objectives respond to the expectations of key stakeholders in the international automotive sector. As can be observed in image 2, these objectives include fitting test vehicles and public roads with dedicated test equipment [2, 3], a centralized control room [1], professional test drivers [4] and supplying HD maps of any public road worldwide [5].

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