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ZF to produce Ibeo and SICK 3D Solid-State Lidar for Industrial Applications

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ZF to produce Ibeo and SICK 3D Solid-State Lidar for Industrial Applications

Following initial production of the ibeoNEXT Lidar system last year, the ZF Group has obtained its next order: Ibeo Automotive Systems GmbH and SICK AG will bring the 3D Solid-State Lidar sensor for industrial applications to market. ZF will produce transceiver modules for both ibeoNext automotive and industrial applications at its facility in Brest, France.

The market for autonomous and semi-autonomous systems for industrial applications is predicted to grow at above-average rates. There is particular demand here for highly durable, ever smaller and cost-efficient sensor solutions. The new solid-state technology from Ibeo – a company in which ZF holds a 40 percent stake – works entirely without moving parts and features a compact form. It thus offers decisive advantages for a range of applications which can be used in the industrial sector.

ZF produces measuring core of ibeoNEXT 

The agreed technology partnership between Ibeo and SICK will result in the development of a 3D Lidar sensor based on Ibeo’s innovative solid-state technology from the automotive sector for industrial applications. In this partnership, Ibeo is providing its ibeoNEXT measurement core, which ZF produces in Brest (France). SICK will develop the system design and the application software for a new industrial Lidar sensor so that industrial applications can be created to meet customer requirements. 

“At ZF we consistently use Lidar in our sensor set from level 4 onwards – but of course the sensor already contributes to significantly more safety and comfort from level 2 onwards“, says Christophe Marnat, executive vice president of the ZF Electronics and Advanced Driver Assist Systems Division. “These advantages can now also be implemented in industrial applications such as automated guided vehicles, forklift trucks and other forms of mobile automated machinery.“  

ZF production on behalf of Ibeo 

In Brest ZF currently produces the IbeoNEXT Lidar Sensor for Ibeo. The company has been delivering the first batches to partners and customers worldwide since the fall of 2020 – including the Chinese manufacturer Great Wall Motor, which will use ibeoNEXT Lidar in SUV “Wey“ models. IbeoNEXT is based on a new type of solid state, photon laser measurement technology. 

Without moving parts the sensor is more robust and thus less affected by environmental influences and vibrations. By processing many laser pulses in parallel, the sensor can generate a high-resolution 3D model of its environment in real time and in great detail, with the capability to recognize crash barriers and road markings as well as vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians along with their position and movement.

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