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Euro NCAP: Top marks for partially automated assistance systems in the Mercedes-Benz GLE

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Euro NCAP: Top marks for partially automated assistance systems in the Mercedes-Benz GLE

Mercedes-Benz has won the Euro NCAP test of assistance systems for semi-automated driving (SAE Level 2) with a “very good” rating. The brand with the star was represented by the GLE SUV model. The GLE includes the Driving Assistance Package and the Driving Assistance Package Plus, which won the test with a top score of 174 points (87% of the total score) against nine competitors from various vehicle classes, including two other vehicles from the premium segment.

The driver assistance package of the Mercedes-Benz GLE has several functions that enable semi-automated driving to noticeably relieve the driver in many everyday driving situations. State-of-the-art systems warn the driver in case of an impending accident and intervene, for example, through autonomous emergency braking to reduce the severity of possible collisions or even avoid them altogether.

Euro NCAP particularly praises the fact that these are cooperative systems that support rather than patronize the driver. For example, Active Steering Assist can even support the driver when steering in curves. Up to 130 km/h, it is not necessarily dependent on clearly visible road markings, but can – as in a swarm – continue to actively intervene even when lines are unclear (e.g. in construction sites) or even without lines. Thus, the system can effectively relieve and support especially in stop-and-go and congested traffic. The driver can easily and intuitively override the system at any time and can thus fully perform the driving task again. The intuitive and harmonious transition between system support and unsupported driving is part of the cooperative character of the

Mercedes-Benz driver assistance package. For this reason, the Mercedes-Benz GLE received the top mark and first place in the “Driver Engagement” evaluation. It was emphasised that Mercedes-Benz did not suggest that the naming and communication of the GLE are autonomous systems, but clearly identified them as assistance systems. Background: With partially automated driving systems, the driver plays an active role and must perform the task of driving at all times. At Mercedes-Benz, the systems are therefore designed cooperatively so that the best connection is created together with the driver at the wheel. In this way the brand offers its customers safety, comfort and driver assistance. In the “Vehicle Assistance and Safety Backup” evaluation, which focuses on the technical performance of the systems, the Mercedes-Benz GLE also placed among the best in the test.

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